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    3 Grinding Mistakes to Avoid: Plunge Line Edition!

    Don't be fooled by these three common (and sneaky) plunge line mistakes! Special thanks to ABS Mastersmiths Tim Hancock and Jim Rodebaugh for their expertise with this video.


    Forge and welding shop tour for Kilroy's Workshop! (2022)

    Join us on this 2022 tour of Kilroy's Workshop in Colorado Springs!



    VIKINGS + KNIVES! In this introductory launch of the Creator Series, we forge an epic Viking Knife with an integral handle and guard.


    • Mild Steel
    • 1" x 3/16" stock, cut at 6.5-7"



    Forging MINI TONGS!

    A timeless tool for a timeless craft! 

    Join Ron and Max as they forge a pocket-size pair of scrolling tongs. 


    -We used 8650 steel (see link below!) 
    -Two rods of 6" long, 5/8" round stock for tongs 
    -One section of ¼" round for the rivet 
    -Finished length: 10"


    The Knight's Sword

    This sword was completed in about 17 hours, though that time was spread over a couple of months. The blade is 80CRV2 and the bronze was made at Kilroy's Workshop. The two-piece molds were carved from wood. The handle has a wood base, and that is wrapped in rope and covered in leather.


    Forging an AXE! (Part 1 of 2)

    Bring on the DRAGON'S BREATH! 

    In part 1, join Max and Wesley as they forge an axe for production! 


    -4140 steel (Made in the USA) 
    -3" round stock


    Forging an AXE! (Part 2 of 2)

    Ben and Wesley team up to finish and handle the batch of axes begun in part 1! 

    STATS FOR CREATORS: Wood: Hickory handle with walnut wedge 

    Oil: Boiled Linseed Oil


    3 Forging MISTAKES That HURT!

    Wait--forging isn't supposed to hurt? 

    Correct three common (and not obvious) forging mistakes! 


    #1: Thumb Saddling -Hammer hold 

    #2: Shark Bait -Distance from the anvil 

    #3: The Quasimodo -Size your anvil


    Bronze Casting

    This shows off our foundry and what it will look like when you cast! 


    3 Tips to Extend Belt Life

    Keeping your belts sharp…and more!


    One-Week Katana!

    This is the full build of the katana you will make in one week! (Featuring our good friend in the shop, Stanley!)